Gratitude to the participants and organizers of the 6th International Baltic Ballet Competition!

The excitement and anticipation of the 6th International Baltic Ballet Competition have subsided, but the unforgettable emotions created by the tension of each participant’s competition in both rounds at the Dailes Theatre on June 26th and 27th, as well as the outstanding performance at the Competition Gala Concert at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet on June 29th, are still vivid in our memories.

Together, we have accomplished a tremendous and beautiful work! The competition was crowned with splendid success. The joy and excitement of the audience served as a testament to the captivating and high-quality performance of each dancer and the fantastic artistic enjoyment provided by the competition laureates and, of course, the brilliant guests Evelina Godunova, Marian Walter, Lisa Pavlov, and Michael Belilov.

The success of the competition rounds and the Gala Concert were shaped by the hosts – the wonderful personalities of the Latvian National Ballet: Jūlija Brauere, Antons Freimans, and Raimonds Martinovs.

The professionalism of the competition participants was evaluated by the experts of the International Jury – Aivars Leimanis (jury chairman), Almira Osmanovič, Eligijus Butkus, Jolanta Ribarska, Iļja Vlasenko, Joseph Morrissey, Marek Rozicky, Gilbert Mayer, and  Zdenek Prokeš.

The excellent masterclasses of classical dance, led by Vladimir Gelvāns, Aivars Leimanis, Sergejs Neikšins, Joseph Morrissey, Zane Lieldidža, Diāna Manceviča, and Jūlija Gurviča, as well as the brilliant concert masters Larisa Gelvāne, Jeļena Berdņikova, Lolita Soifere, and Nadežda Možeiko, undoubtedly strengthened and ensured the value and success of the Competition.

The participation of each contestant at a high professional level would not have been possible without the hard work and guidance of excellent and professional teachers.Top of Form

Every event has a visible part and an invisible part, the significance of which is invaluable in achieving success.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Riga Ballet School for their collaboration, providing ballet halls for the contestants’ masterclasses and rehearsals.

The high quality and realization of the 6th International Baltic Ballet Competition would not have been possible without the support of the Dailes Theatre and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet.

We thank the professional theater producers Anda Siliņa and Kristīne Mūrmane, as well as everyone who enthusiastically participated and helped resolve various organizational situations and ensured the implementation of the event, including the stage, lighting, props, costumes, hall, and the joy of the audience.

Special thanks to Ieva Kārkliņa, who tirelessly organized and directed the performances of all participants for three long days, and to the sound director Klāvs Siliņš, who, with unwavering calmness and a smile, managed to arrange, systematize, and polish more than 200 musical opuses for performance on both of Latvia’s largest theater stages.

And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank the core organizers of the IBBC: Viktorija Čaikova for her precision, calmness, and determination in solving all organizational matters, Irbe Treile for her contribution to the creation of the Gala Concert and providing international information, and Nikita Kazakov for advertising in Latvia. We also acknowledge Līga Zvaigznīte, who has been creating the refined and elegant visual identity of the Competition for several years. Aldis Kopštāls for his efficiency in creating video presentations of the concert stage and consistently wonderful advertising video materials for the Grand Gala Concert. Edmunds Mickus for capturing video footage of this event, and Artis Dzelzskalns for photography. We appreciate Elizabete Bondare and her team of volunteer girls from the Tāls Sils Dance Academy for their meticulous and intricate work. Kārlis Kaupužs for implementing the technical production section of the competition, being there, providing inexhaustible energy, and getting involved in solving any organizational issues.

Our gratitude would not be complete without mentioning the Sponsors and Partners of the competition.

First and foremost, we extend our deepest gratitude to Toufic Kawar for his selfless and invaluable work in establishing the international recognition of the competition. We express our thanks for the financial support to the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council, as well as private supporters and donors.

We wish the participants growth and success!

See you in 2025 at the 7th International Baltic Ballet Competition!

Regīna Kaupuža

Chair of the Board of the Latvian Ballet and Dance Guild

Artistic Director of the International Baltic Ballet Competition

6th International Baltic Ballet Competition will take place in June!


Starptautiskais Baltijas baleta konkurss 2023

In June, the Sixth International Baltic Ballet Competition will take place in Riga. From June 25th to 29th, sixty dancers from twenty countries will gather in Riga. Spectators are invited to attend the competition rounds at the Dailes Theatre on June 26th and 27th and enjoy the festive Gala Concert at the Latvian National Opera on June 29th. The motto of the International Baltic Ballet Competition, “Everything is possible… and you can!” encourages participants to demonstrate their talent and mastery and achieve excellence.

The competition will feature sixty students from professional classical ballet schools and classical ballet dancers in three age groups (12-14 years, 15-18 years, 19-26 years). They represent countries such as Japan, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Australia, England, the United States, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, and others.

“Previous competitions took place during the COVID restrictions and were held in a hybrid format. Therefore, we are particularly happy to meet again this year with the talented participants, prominent jury members, and, of course, the audience. This year, there will be especially fierce competition in the oldest age group, where professional ballet artists are participating, and it guarantees that we will be able to enjoy a truly interesting and diverse artistic program. We invite every ballet enthusiast to attend both the competition rounds at the Dailes Theatre and the beautiful Gala Concert at the Latvian National Opera on June 29th. There, we will congratulate the competition laureates and enjoy their performances and those of special guests,” says Regina Kaupuža, the director of the competition.

An international jury will evaluate the competitors, chaired by Aivars Leimanis, the artistic director of the Latvian National Ballet. The jury will include internationally renowned experts such as Jolanta Ribarska, the artistic director of the Warsaw Ballet School (Poland); Almira Osmanovič, Associate professor on the Theatre Art Department of the Arts Academy in Split (Croatia); Gilbert Mayer, ballet dancer and professor at the Paris Opera (France); Eligijus Butkus, Deputy Director of Ballet Education, National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art (Lithuania); Mareks Rozycki, Deputy Artistic Direction of the State Ballet School Berlin (Germany); Joseph Morrissey, director of the Dance Department at the Interlochen Center for the Arts (USA); and choreographer, dancer, and teacher Zdenek Prokeš (Czech Republic).

The competition winners will receive cash prizes and opportunities for internships at European ballet schools. In addition to the competition, participants will have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses. This year, the prize list will also include the Grand Prix for the second time.

The International Baltic Ballet Competition has been held since 2013 and its growing significance is demonstrated by the participants’ interest from around the world and its membership in the International Ballet Competitions Federation. The competition has several equally important objectives: discovering new talent, developing education in the field of choreography, preserving the traditions of classical ballet, improving pedagogical activities, as well as promoting international creative collaboration and cultural exchange.

Tickets for the competition rounds and the Gala Concert can be purchased at the “Biļešu Paradīze” box offices and online at:

The competition is organized by the Latvian Ballet and Dance Guild and the National Art School Riga Ballet School.



International Baltic Ballet Competition

We are happy to announce that 6th International Baltic Ballet Competition will take place in Riga from June 26 to June 30, 2023.

At the request of the dancers, the application has been extended until May 15!

We invite participants to apply until April 16, 2023! You will find Regulation and Application form HERE.

1st Round of IBBC will be held in video format, but 2nd and 3d Round will take place in Riga on June 26 and 27. The Gala Concert and Award Ceremony will take place at the Latvian National Opera on June 29. We wish good luck to all participants!

International Baltic Ballet Competition has gained its’ reputation during previous four editions. Dancers from such countries as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, USA, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Macedonia a.o. has been participants of the International Baltic Ballet Competition.

The International Baltic Ballet Competition is organised by Riga Ballet School and Latvian Dance and Ballet Guild.